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Rich The Kid Exclusive Interview | Takeoff Memories, Advice to Young Artists & New Album Rich Forever 5



Apart from owning his own record label, Rich the Kid has amassed a multitude of accomplishments throughout his career; Music videos, merch, collaborations with famous artists, and much, much more. Between studio albums, mixtapes, EPs and more than a dozen singles, it’s no secret that Rich has been making waves within the rap industry for years. 

The Plug Walk rapper initially got his fame from his first studio album, entitled “The World is Yours”, which dropped in 2018. Since then, he’s become a global phenomenon, with fans amazed as he works to uniquely and seamlessly blend trap with hip-hop on a regular basis.

Upon catching up with Rich, I learned very quickly that there is a hunger to be had about him. His passion for helping up and coming artists overcome industry struggles is just as important to him as providing his fans with content that’s different and cool. Not only that, but Rich fuels his creative process off his family and friends, who he gives credit to for much of his success.

This interview with Rich follows his journey through music, as he opens up about what life is now like, living without one of his brothers, and  reassures his fans with details about his upcoming album release, Rich Forever 5, and some of the tracks on the album.

Congrats on the new record deal! With it having been nearly 2 years since your last album dropped, how do you feel you may have grown as an artist and an individual over the last two years?

As an artist I feel like I’ve grown in a lot of ways— [by] trying out different stuff, working with different artists, really just experimenting with music as an artist. I feel like it’s dope to experiment and fuck with different genres; I’ve done a lot of Latin songs in the last three years that I haven’t put out yet, some afrobeat records, just different types of vibes [than I’m used to]. 

Which collab on Richforever5 are you most excited for the fans to hear and why?

A record called Big Dawg; Big Dawg is one of my favorite songs right now; The energy is relentless.

Can you walk me through your creative process in the studio? What do you do to get in the zone and push out your best content? 

The vibes with me in the studio are basically… smoking and having good energy and good friends around. 

Now unfortunately, your brother Takeoff tragically passed away a little while back. How are you dealing with the situation and overcoming this?

I don’t know about overcoming…It’s still tough for me, like it just happened yesterday.”

Do you have a favorite memory or story with Takeoff?

I don’t have a favorite memory because all of them were my favorite, you know?  I feel like last year was just a great year for us, [cause] the majority of last year I was with Takeoff. We were doing a lot of crypto stuff together, traveling, and taking trips. I think one of my favorite memories actually was going to the Virgin Islands. Last year, me and Takeoff went to theVirgin Islands and we invited all of our friends, and we just hopped on a jet and went over [to the Islands] and on our way back, we were on a Versace Jet. Good times, good memories, you know?

What’s your favorite part about the city of Toronto? How many times have you been here? What do you really look forward to when you are here?

Toronto has some good food; I know two Jamaican spots that they have out there…the Caribbean food, it’s good. There’s a studio I like to go to out there; I love Toronto, it’s fire. 

Apart from your collaborations with Anders and Tory Lanez, are there any up and coming Canadian artists that you fuck with, or that inspire you?

I feel like I would need to hear some new Canadian artists, I would love to tap in and collaborate with them, maybe do a song with them.

What do you feel your greatest success has been so far in your career? 

Definitely creating my own label. Giving opportunity to other people and other artists; I signed Famous Dex…so just being able to help artists.

Any hints on the actual release date of Rich Forever 5? 

VERY soon! Like sooner than soon… Around the corner!

What can we expect after the album drops? Tour dates, merch, music videos? 

I’m working on some BIG tour stuff right now. 

If you had to choose 3 of your favorite songs you’ve ever produced, written, recorded, what would they be and why?

One would probably be New Freezer, because Kendrick Lamar is definitely one of the legends out here. To work with a legend, that was dope. Another one of my favorite collaborations is Feelin’ Like Tunechi;  it’s a song off mine & Lil Wayne’s collaboration album that we did. To do a song with Lil Wayne and share the whole album with him, it was crazy. That will forever be top tier for me. The third one would have to be Rich Forever Way Outro, it’s a song that’s legendary for me. When it comes to the Rich Forever days, and Rich Forever tapes, it’s gotta be this.

Lastly, now that you’ve been in the game for some time, what are three pieces of advice you’d give to a new artist looking to join the industry?

I would say, don’t take no as an answer from nobody, no matter who it is; highest level, lowest level, follow your gut and stay focused because in this game there are a lot of distractions all over, from beginning to end. If you stay focused then you can go anywhere! There’s no limit — the sky’s the limit.


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