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In “Joint Effort” With Craft Growers, the RIFF Cannabis Brand Introduces New Series of Limited-Edition Strains.



RIFF is back with a new collaborative series in which it collaborates with talented neighborhood craft growers. The brand’s roots were planted in a joint venture. Customers can select from a rotation of outstanding indica strains under RIFF’s new Orbital flower collection, and from a rotation of elevated sativa strains under the Crossfade flower collection, both of which are produced to the highest standards.

With higher THC potencies and elevated terpene levels, the premium craft strains will debut in the market under the names Orbital Indica and Crossfade Sativa, with a new, exclusive strain being introduced for each rotational drop. They will serve as the brand’s most novel additions to the portfolio.

RIFF’s first rotation of the Orbital and Crossfade collections include:

Crossfade Sativa – Melonaide:

This Crossfade drop features Melonide, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that boasts a rich terpene profile of Limonene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene, instantly filling a room with aromas of sour citrus, melon and spice. This hard hitting craft strain from RIFF comes in at a whoping 22%-28% THC, and is offered for retail sale in a 3.5g form. The flower of the Crossfade Drop displays carefully curated trimming, leaving the consumer with full, dense neon green buds with orange hairs.

Upon smoking RIFF’s Crossfade Sativa Drop, an immediate sensation of heavy hitting smoke is quickly followed by the taste of heavy citrus, leaving a tropical taste on the tongue. The immediate sensations from this rare genetic strain from RIFF boast an energetic, uplifting high within the user – perfect for someone seeking an energizing, euphoric and cerebral experience.

Crossfade Sativa – Juicy Fruit:

Tracing back to its lineage of Afghani and Thai, there’s no better time for some freshly squeezed juicy fruit. Along with its high THC range, this strain delivers the perfect fruit salad you never knew you needed. Available now in 3.5G whole flower only in Alberta.

Orbital Indica – Cherry Moon Pie:

This Orbital drop features Cherry Moon Pie, an indica dominant premium craft genetics strain from RIFF that displays a vast terpene profile composed of caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool. This translates into a fruity aroma filled with hints of cherry, peach and a slight skunky undertone. This limited edition strain from RIFF boasts a high THC content of 22%-30%, and is available for retail sale in 3.5g form. The Orbital drop from RIFF shows great attention to detail, specifically when it comes to appearance – providing only the best expertly manicured and curated buds for these drop products. Cherry Moon Pie exhibits small, dark green buds, contrasted with long orange hairs.

Upon smoking RIFF’s Orbital Drop the user can expect an immediate sensation of happiness and creativity, alongside its relaxing properties, allowing the user to relax and indulge in a cerebral high simultaneously. This craft strain delivers a taste profile that is filled with fruity aromas such as cherry and peach, while being contrasted beautifully by its inherent skunky undertones. This strain is perfect for someone looking to have a relaxing night in, but also has the uplifting capabilities necessary to provide a boost of energy and confidence if necessary.

Orbital Indica – Purple Cotton Candy:

Featuring deep purple with lime green and orange hairs on these buds, this high THC Purple Cotton Candy strain is the result of Granddaddy Purps and Cotton Candy Kush, bringing you a pleasant terpene-filled experience with aromas that complement its name. Available in 3.5G whole flower in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec.

The RIFF Crossfade and Orbitals Drops boast a diverse spectrum of craft cannabis strains, bringing forth expertly manicured and curated buds, contrasted by their diverse taste and smell profiles. Ultimately, delivering the consumer with a premium craft cannabis product. The Crossfade and Orbital Drop from RIFF are certainly two drops you won’t want to miss out on!

To learn more about RIFF and where to purchase the new product drops, visit whatisriff.ca and join the RIFF community to stay in the loop @whatisriff.


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