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“Controversy Sells,” Says Spitty About His New Single, Titled “Not For Me”



Brampton-raised rapper Spitty got his start with hip hop in the second grade, where he was put onto the likes of famous rappers like 50 Cent and Eminem.

Flashforward to today, where Spitty has since found major success with making music of his own. In 2021, Spitty released his debut album, “Full Circle”, and even performed a handful of shows in Toronto before gearing up for a six-week tour across the US in 2022.


Since then, Spitty’s been trying his hand on larger shows, specifically music conferences across the GTA.

Part of Spitty’s push to take his music more seriously came from his new release, “Not For Me.” The inspiration for the song, he says, was based around him leaving his tech career to pursue his longtime journey of music.

Pairing honest lyrics with an uplifting beat, the Russ x Big Sean-sounding artist speaks his truth about releasing good intentions into the world, and creating an independent lifestyle for himself, outside of the ordinary.


“Not For Me”, along with all of Spitty’s music, is crafted in hopes of inspiring and motivating people. His main goal? To create art that can be both an escape and an outlet for [his] listeners in the same way that his favourite songs and artists have been that for [Spitty].

When asked about the likes of his other songs, and the potentially controversial topics they cover, Spitty explains that controversy sells. “Saying something that others might not [works to] put a spotlight on you.” When he speaks his mind, it never stems from a hateful place, though Spitty hopes that by talking about politics and capitalism, and even his trials and tribulations growing up, that he’ll be able to infuse the right kind of message into his listeners and the world.

Whether you’re looking for a new song to add to your workout playlist, or just something to get you hyped on a drive with your friends, this is definitely the song for you, and the push Spitty needed.


Stream “Not For Me” HERE!


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