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DIMI Creates a Cinematic World With His Latest Self-Titled Album Ft. Lil Yachty, Anders & More



DIMI has been described as a hidden gem, as a producing genius. If he could be encapsulated as one word, it would most likely be: complimentary. 


DIMI is known for producing names such as Roy Woods, Realest K, Chance the Rapper, and more as well as being the person bringing them together. He started his production career three years ago at 17 and is becoming a staple in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario. With a successful year’s end, musician and producer, DIMI, has recently released his highly-anticipated, self-titled album, DIMI. This is a debut album showcasing talent and skill. DIMI doesn’t sing and, instead, opts to focus on producing each record and allowing the artist to bring the song to life. 

Working with talented friends such as Lil Yachty, Anders, Derek Wise, and Kofi allows a natural connection to shine through each track. There is no sense of artificiality as their trust is radiated through the music. 


He knows how important sensation and experience are for listeners as he dropped some latest visuals to compliment each track; directed by Dragan Andic (aka the .97), DIMI’s older brother and co-manager. DIMI tells us “I always try my best to portray some sort of cinematic element in my production to make it more of an experience rather than just another song for the listener.” He explains that this is seamless when working with Dragan as DIMI doesn’t have to explain too much for Dragan to bring visuals to life: “He always executes every visual to perfection and is probably the best director to work with if you want to establish that cinematic look.” Closely working with his older brother allows DIMI to trust that he is being looked out for and, in turn, trusted as an artist.


This album took about a year to complete and the time and effort are apparent. “I wanted to make sure each track was perfect,” he tells us, “after going through hundreds of demos and other songs, it was hard to just narrow it down to nine songs that fit well together.” This is an experience; it is something that is meant to listen to consecutively the first time—it’s a story. 


That is precisely why the album is self-titled. Not only is it a debut artistically, but personally. Even though each song is performed by a different artist, this album is all DIMI. “I wanted it to just be true to myself,” he tells us. Each track is his own vision, style, and desire. He chose the artists and brought them all together to create this collection of his story. DIMI is completely DIMI. In ideation, creation, and execution.


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