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UZA Showcases Her Rap Skills Over a Powerful and Unorthodox Beat with “Buttercup”



When it comes to female rappers in the industry today, there are a plethora of talented artists who deserve recognition for their skills and contributions to the genre. However, one artist who stands out for her unique style and powerful delivery is X10’s very own UZA.

UZA is a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Her flow is smooth and effortless, and her lyrics are clever and thought-provoking. What sets her apart from other rappers in general is her ability to ride unorthodox beats like butter. Her versatility as an artist is on full display when she raps over beats that deviate from the typical trap and hip-hop instrumentals.

One of her standout tracks that showcases this skill is her latest single “Buttercup”. The beat on this track is incredibly unique and unexpected, with a mix of electronic and experimental elements that create a sense of tension and drama. But UZA doesn’t shy away from the challenge. Instead, she embraces it by delivering her verses with a fierce intensity that commands the beat with authority.

All artwork by UZA

Buttercup describes UZA keeping her eyes on the prize, she explains in the first line she’s “giving green eyes” saying all she sees is money in other words being in your bag, after buttercup being her fourth song out UZA it is motivated more than ever, knocking pieces out of the park like a dart. UZA speaks about confidence, and ownership of believing in yourself when rising to the top to be number one, it takes courage and optimism, buttercup is a mindset, being fierce and ambitious, this song describes determination and working hard for what you really want, this record is excellent for starting your day at the gym to really get you pumping and believing in yourself. UZA speaks motivation on this track oozing perseverance, which is a great way to step into 2023.

Featured on renown playlists like Northern Bars, Fresh Finds, Hip Hop, Hip-Hop Central, Beast Mode and more, we had to add it to our playlist as well.

The lyrics on this track are equally powerful. UZA touches on themes of self-empowerment and overcoming obstacles, using her personal experiences to connect with the listener on a deep level. Her delivery is raw and emotive, and it’s clear that she’s not just rapping for the sake of it, but truly pouring her heart and soul into the music.

Character development is the art of giving characters personality, depth, and motivations that propel them through a story; UZA does this in the Rekkzone-produced

“Buttercup.” Adding a layer of dynamism, while paying homage to real rappers and artists; Buttercup is the protagonist of her recent releases; Passionate, bold and uncommonly beautiful. The feel for the record is energetic, epic, uplifting, and victorious.

“Excellent for starting your day at the gym” UZA shared.

UZA is a trailblazer for female rappers, proving that women can not only hold their own in a male-dominated industry, but also push the boundaries of what’s possible in the genre. With her unique style and powerful delivery, she’s an upcoming artist to watch and an inspiration to aspiring female emcees everywhere. Her ability to showcase her skills over a powerful and unorthodox beat is just one of the many reasons why she’s a standout artist in the game today.

“Growing up I’ve always seen buttercup to be the toughest out of the powerpuff crew, I feel like if she was a rapper this is what she would sound like, bursting with confidence, because this is exactly how I felt when putting this song together, it’s really for motivational purposes. Keeping your eyes on the prize, staying in your bag, and staying focus equals elevation to me”


This release solidifies UZA’s position alongside label X10 as one of the most consistent and dynamic female rappers in the local scene today.

In a music industry that’s often criticized for its lack of diversity, it’s important to celebrate and support female artists like UZA who are pushing the boundaries and breaking through the barriers. With her masterful lyrics and new-school old-school hiphop beats, alongside emotive delivery, UZA is a true artist developing her craft that we need to watch out for moving forward.


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