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Exclusive New Art Exhibition Being Hosted Inside a Tokyo Smoke


Photo by @mayhoose.art

There’s an exclusive new art exhibition that’s being pieced together inside a Tokyo Smoke location this Friday. Poet and visual artist, Mayhoose, started the concept of “Ideas and Doodles” to bring together some of the best rising creatives in the city. Mayhoose describes the concept behind the event as follows:

Every piece of art, literature, theatre, film, sculpture, invention, innovation, business or building once started out as an idea, or doodle in someone’s mind. An idea is a seed that when planted subconsciously will bloom into reality. The purpose of the ideas & doodle campaign is to showcase the importance of developing our ideas in full through the never-ending creative process. Though not all ideas and doodles will work – it is the indefinite process of relentlessly actualizing our imaginative thoughts into structurable reality.”

Photo by @dan___zia

The one day exhibition, powered by Coop145, will take place this Friday, June 2nd @ 10:00pm with artists from various mediums including fashion, visual arts, photography, print and 3D animation.  Some of the artists you can find include 3D animation from Cure8Studios, Dan Zia, Joshigwe & Rhea. The exhibition will also feature photography from Arun & Kamal Nawaz, mixed media from Destinee Cray & Mayhoose, and fashion designs from Society Isn’t Normal.

The exhibition is made to demonstrate the importance of the process of developing ideas and brings artists from diverse artistic background to showcase their work.

Photo by @kamalnawaz_

“The purpose of this [exhibition] is to emphasize the significance of nurturing and developing our ideas to their full potential through the never-ending creative process. It is through this process that we transform abstract thoughts into tangible realities, bringing forth new possibilities and shaping the world around us.

While not all ideas and doodles may succeed, it is the persistence and dedication to actualizing our imaginative thoughts that drive progress and innovation. Failure is often an essential part of the creative journey, as it teaches us valuable lessons and helps us refine our ideas. The road to success is paved with countless iterations, revisions, and improvements.”

RSVP link to sign up for this free exhibition event


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