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AVAVAVs Fashion Week SS23 Collection Shows Us That It’s Not That Serious



AVAVAVs creative director, Beate Karlsson has another win under her belt as the spring summer 2023 show was out of this world creative and brought a unique twist to fashion week. 

The models were seen falling and tripping over themselves on the runway while their clothes were being ripped from their bodies by invisible wires- playing into the superficiality of fashion, according to Karlsson. The luxurious fashion industry is one that portrays a serious appearance, as we view these high fashion models and runways as desirable and perfect- something we aim to be. 

Karlsson plays on these notions of perfection by executing a show that looks anything but perfect- with broken garments and falling models. The collection was a mix of streetwear styles and high-fashion designs that led to a collection of wildly unique garments that reflects how luxury is perceived today. 

The concept of luxury itself has changed throughout the years; once being defined as anything elegant and high-class, Karlsson now views it as an attitude- the way one carries themself. 

At only 27, Karlsson has executively created and designed two wildly successful shows for AVAVAV- giving way to the ideas that high fashion is taken too seriously and should be enjoyed. The SS23 collection redefines contemporary luxury and reminds us that it’s never that serious.


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