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Sidedoor x Celsius Fits Present: Fashion Designer of the Year Spencer Badu



“After years of trying to create a perfect conceptional brand narrative, I realized, Instead of trying to tell a story, I can only tell my story. This is how I see the world.”

Spencer Badu is a Canadian-Ghanaian designer known for his work with bold colours and shapes which draws from his ongoing curiosity to challenge garment construction. Born in Brampton, went to college in Calgary and now in Toronto, Badu credits his time out West with creating his brand in 2015. He is Inspired by peers, art and music. The monotonous confrontations of childhood, Badu draws from these experiences and uses them in a way that defies fashion norms while maintaining a youthful, rebellious energy.

Faced with challenges throughout his journey into the industry, Badu admits he questions and challenges everything, as many designers do.

“In the beginning, the main challenge was getting the right resources and skills to execute our ideas,

Now we are learning how to run a business. After many losses, I’m getting more confident and smarter. Gone are the days where I would try to do everything myself. This year we started building a team and it’s exciting.”

Despite the challenges and losses faced, Spencer Badu has successfully created a brand that his younger self would be proud of – as Badu has developed a line of cross-cultured elements that have resulted in a collection that perfectly encapsulates Badu and his ideals.

A minimalist designer, Badu creates ultramodern with subtle yet noticeable intricacies. The brand’s collections are made to promote liberty while challenging societal expectations of gendered clothing. The clothing from this brand is designed to hang in a closet that can be used by lovers and friends alike. The need to express his point of view through customizing the gender-neutral world he wants to live in drives Badu’s creative force. He is by nature an outsider.


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