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Derin Falana Shares His “Good Problems” With New Versatile EP



Toronto-based artist Derin Falana has recently released a highly-anticipated EP, titled “Good
Problems”. This 3-track EP, which is only 10 minutes in length, perfectly showcases the artist’s musical talents and versatility.

The track “Good Problems” is a standout and reminiscent of a grungy, East Coast style track where Derin effortlessly flows through the beat with nothing but bars and flow. The song is catchy, and has a hard-hitting beat that is sure to get listeners moving. Derin’s unique style and storytelling abilities make for a fresh and exciting listening experience.

Derin then flips the switch with the track “One too Many”. The song features a mellow and soulful beat that sets the perfect vibe for Derin’s emotive vocals. His voice is smooth and powerful, as he speaks about the complexities of life and the relatable, heartfelt lyrics make the song perfect for a late night drive.

Finally, Falana delivers “Feeling Like Me”, in which he bares his soul as he sings and confesses his feelings on where his mind has been lately. He candidly admits that he hasn’t been sober lately, but he is feeling like Derin back in the old days. The song has a vibe that reminds us of a “Honestly, Nevermind” feel to it.

This EP is a great example of Derin’s talent and potential as an artist, and it’s clear that he has a bright future in the music game. It showcases a balance of different styles, emotions, and themes, and has a high level of production quality. Derin’s ability to connect with listeners on a deep level makes it clear that he is off to a strong start in the new year, and we look forward to what he has in store for 2023.


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