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Nezsa Touches on Heartbreak & Regret with Neo-Soul Jazz Single “Should Have Cared”



Toronto-based artist Nezsa has kicked off the new year with a bang by releasing her
latest single “Should Have Cared.” The song is a stunning example of Nezsa’s vocal and
songwriting abilities, showcasing her powerful voice and lyrical prowess. The
production of the track was handled by Denzl and expertly engineered by Mariano
Bilinkis, resulting in a rich and evocative piece of music.

“Should Have Cared” is a blend of different musical styles, including neo-soul and jazz,
with striking drum and bass patterns, soulful violin arrangements, and a saxophone
section that adds depth and emotion to the song. This is the kind of music that can be
enjoyed on a rainy day with headphones on or a late-night walk, providing listeners with
an unforgettable audio experience.

The subject matter of the song is reflective of Nezsa’s upcoming album “To All The
Heartbreakers,” which will delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and relationships. “Should Have Cared” sees Nezsa taking a more introspective approach as she grapples with her emotions surrounding a past relationship. The song is a poignant reflection on
regret and heartbreak, and Nezsa’s journey towards healing.

Overall, Nezsa is bringing a fresh sound to Toronto with “Should Have Cared” and her
upcoming album “To All The Heartbreakers,” set to release this spring. We can’t wait to
hear more from this talented artist.


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