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UZA’s New Track, “Head Ah Spin” Is a Genre-Blending Reflection On This Crazy World



There’s enough going on in today’s world to make anyone crazy. The latest single from Toronto’s emerging artist UZA, “Head Ah Spin” is a direct response to this. With the release, she’s gearing up to carve out her own lane within the Canadian hip-hop scene as one of the most diversely talented artists in the city. Blending elements of dancehall, UK hip-hop/grime and poetic lyricisim, UZA seamlessly creates a sound that is all her own.

“Head Ah Spin” acts as her expressive attempt to make sense of the world. In the process, she’s able to act as a voice of strength and courage in these trying times. “Who the real enemy? Government the enemy / Feds are the enemy, better be,” she spits in the track’s opening verse, immediately setting the tone for what’s about to follow. “When life gets sour, hit the lemon squeeze,” she continues later on in the verse. She forces you to sit with her thoughts and also provides optimistic insight to her listeners. She does so all while making the track a catchy one that sticks in your head for not only its content, but its overall vibe.

Her delivery radiates effortless confidence and her tight lyricism proves that her unique set of skills are a lethal combination. Her ability to switch up her flow within the same verse is the cherry on top that really helps hit the point home – UZA is force to be reckoned with.

“The UK is heavily inspired by Jamaican patois, which is already my culture, so I had to make sure that was marinated in there,” UZA says about the track’s evident UK influence. The production, complete with heavy bass, percussions and triumphant synths, brings UZA’s charismatic energy to the forefront, as she commands to be heard.

Production credits go to Asendo x BeatsByDrift x No Prada Beats

Stream “ Head Ah Spin” on all platforms and make sure to check out x10 Entertainment for more news and updates.


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