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Elijah Blond’s “Himalayas” Resonates Themes of Liveliness & Solace, Encouraging Inner Peace



Following the release of his debut EP “Revisions”, singer/songwriter Elijah Blond is ready to make waves with his latest single. Titled “Himalayas”, this song resonates themes of liveliness and solace, encouraging listeners to find their inner peace.

The song itself is soulful and upbeat, and doesn’t fall short from start to finish. The indie track was carefully crafted by Blond and KNOWN. , who, like Blond, is also a Vancouver native. With help from producer KULTARGOTBOUNCE, their ‘effortless synergy’ came together in perfect harmony, leading to a successful release of “Himalayas”. The smooth instrumentals of this feel-good song are enough to get anyone bopping along to it, trust me.

The single’s release was paired with a music video. In it, Blond finds himself one with nature as he is pictured singing in the great outdoors. Always in front of a surreal background, the beauty of the video is sure to awe viewers. Not to mention, his soothing vocals make the song in its entirety feel like a break from one’s everyday life. Blond and KNOWN. did a wonderful job at transcending this experience for all of their fans, which will hopefully help them rise to the top as they both truly deserve.

Stream ‘Himalayas’ HERE!


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