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Toronto’s Sean Leon Features Kanye West on “BURN EVERYTHING”



Sean Leon’s newest release “BURN EVERYTHING” has cemented the Canadian rapper and director’s lane in the music industry. With outstanding visuals and prolific storytelling, the director/rapper has captured YE, formally known as Kanye West’s reaction to the backlash against the Chicago-based rapper’s anti-semitic remarks. 

The opening line in the “BURN EVERYTHING” video addresses the recent backlash against YE for his comments on the Jewish community. A snippet from Dave Chapelle’s newest SNL monologue plays: 

“ I denounce antisemitism in all its forms, and I stand with my friends in the Jewish community. And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time…”

Despite his penchant for controversy, YE continues to stay in the spotlight and shine a light on other artists. The long-time relationship between YE and Sean Leon is easy to spot on their newest track, ‘BURN EVERYTHING’. With Sean Leon playing a version of YE in the music video. 

The visuals in “BURN EVERYTHING” showcase a burning Chicago cityscape, a church/Donda’s house and Yeezy headquarters caught in an ever-burning fire. The imagery takes us into the mind of Kanye West, letting the viewer experience what it’s like to have your life work burn. The song encapsulates the moment in time where YE has fallen grace in the public eye. 

Sean Leon acts as a conduit for YE’s pain through the music, lyrics and visuals. Proclaiming “I’m a legend when I step in ”. 

The two have a long history, with Leon sharing his demo “The Glade” with YE at one of West’s Sunday Service performances in 2019- to rapper/director Leon writing parts of “Selah”, “Jesus is lord” and the chorus to “Use This Gospel”. 

YE has propelled many artists into international stardom, from the likes of Big Sean, John Legend, and Travis Scott. The legendary rapper, producer and artist has cultivated some of the biggest names in history and is seemingly entering that trend again with Sean Leon. 

Sean Leon is no stranger to the music industry; with over a decade of experience, he has mentored artists of his own, most famously Daniel Caesar, through his artist collective ‘The IXXI initiative’. 

Sean Leon’s duality has landed him a long time friendship with YE. We can only watch and wait for what comes next.


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