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With Years of Experience Behind Her, Natali Rachel is Ready to Go Global With Hot New Single ‘All My Mistakes’



In 2005, an 8-year-old Natali Rachel got her start in the entertainment industry. She landed a starring role in the hit Broadway musical, “The Sound of Music.” From there, she began to grow as an artist and a person. She improved her skills but also became introduced to new styles, collaborators, and much more. 

Throughout her childhood, Natali was part of several Canadian TV shows, commercials, and short films, and also featured in multiple televised singing competitions. She credits her parents for influencing her sound by introducing her to the music of soulful artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Babyface, and more at a young age. 

In recent years, Natali has been taking what she’s learned and applying it in her own original work. Since 2018, Natali has been testing out different studios and collaborating with producers and writers from across the country and curating a unique sound of her own while building a core fan base. 

Through her musical expertise, relatability and smooth sound Natali has grown a following of over 85, 000 on TikTok, as well as gaining  well over a 500,000 streams globally with particular love from South Korea.

She is looking to continue to build on her success with her brand new single “All My Mistakes.”

Her latest brand new  single  “All My Mistakes” has up-beat, pop energy, and features incredibly relatable songwriting. The song begins with a catchy and mellow acoustic loop that invites you in before several elements are added to keep you moving. 


“I can’t go to places we know,

‘Cause they remind me of the times that we had

And I’m here, all alone, with your smell of cologne

And it won’t leave my mind…”


Throughout the song, Natali sings about the difficulties of embracing the honest emotions that come after a break-up. She is transparent about knowing that she’ll feel better with time, however, that doesn’t change the fact she misses the memories she’s shared. 

“All My Mistakes” is out now on all streaming platforms but you can also click the link to listen below. Be sure to keep up with Natali Rachel on TikTok and Instagram to find out about more new releases! Let her know Sidedoor sent you!



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