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AR Paisley Proves His Storytelling Ability in “Life’s Too Short”



Last night, up and coming Toronto rapper AR Paisley dropped the one-minute track, “Life’s Too Short” on YouTube. This followed the initial release of the track as a freestyle on social media, which received over 250,000 impressions on Instagram and Twitter. After the popularity of the rap, the Mississauga native added a longer version to his new EP.

“Life’s Too Short” definitely speaks to the depth the rapper is capable of, with meaningful lyrics that scratch beyond the surface and tackle a variety of issues. He touches on the overwhelming theme of regret and loneliness, and how this manifests in the people around him. Paisley’s message is clear: relish in the moments around you and be present, because the future is unknown. Despite this being a central issue that many artists choose to tackle, AR Paisley personalizes it and brings a unique quality to the subject.

The music video is directed by Tango, who took a literal approach to the lyrics, building visuals that directly relate to each story the rapper eludes to in the song.

Paisley’s career began in 2016, and since then, he has already become a mainstay on Spotify’s Northern Bars playlist and built a reputation for authentic lyricism. He aims to hit the timelessness of classic hip hop, and after this release, he is definitely getting closer to achieving that goal.

The rapper has exemplified his ability to delve into natural human emotions with originality and depth. Though “Life’s Too Short” is only a minute long, it gives fans a glimpse into what is next for the young artist — and I’m sure Toronto locals can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.


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