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How Studio Halia is Revolutionizing Art with Wearable Tech



Studio Halia is a new collective that explores the exciting intersection of art, technology, and identity. By supporting projects led by artists, the studio aims to create concepts and products that focus on a tech-enabled, human-centered future. They give a platform to innovative artists working with new technologies, making their mark in the world of art and tech.

For their first major project, Studio Halia has partnered with well-known Paris-based 3D makeup artist Ines Alpha. Together, they’ve created a unique wearable accessory with an augmented reality experience that blends the digital and physical worlds. Since 2016, Ines Alpha has been known for pushing the boundaries of creativity.

The Studio Halia x Ines Alpha collection features stylish, connected accessories inspired by natural elements. Each piece has NFC technology, linking it to a dynamic digital experience. This allows users to create and share their own unique styles, secured on the blockchain, merging physical and digital ownership both online and in real life.

To explore the connection between our physical and digital selves, Studio Halia has produced a digital report. The first issue, “Skin Deep: Perspectives on the Evolution of Digital Identity,” looks at the future of digital identity, collaboration, and luxury without physical substance. It features essays from industry experts like Alex Peters, Emilia Petrarca, Lynette Nylander, Agus Panzoni, and Gunseli Yalcinkaya.

With this debut, Studio Halia is making a bold move in combining art and technology. By supporting artists who innovate with cutting-edge tech and offering new ways for people to experience and interact with art, Studio Halia is leading the way to a future where the lines between the digital and physical worlds are increasingly blurred.


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