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Fashion’s Biggest and Brightest Breakout Brands to Look for In 2024



Adam Small, Winnipeg based designer has already appeased the crowds as he began his career at just 14 where he began designing and creating his own label. High quality, eternal pieces are what Small is best known for, using muted colours and distinctive styles. Resembling Yeezy and Essentials with his colour scheme and classic pieces, Small holds his own as his designs use notable techniques that elevates the brand. Having already gleamed recognition amongst loyal Canadian’s, it’s time that By Adam Small Inc breaks into a global scale.

Shirley Company (Stefan Persaud) – When many of us think about ‘Shirley’ the first thing that comes to mind is Shirley Temple, the tried and tested drink that inspired founders Jack Peros and Nick Collini in naming their brand. Shirley Company however, is far removed from a mixed beverage for children. But if you’re on the hunt for affordable luxury quality garments, look no further.

Shirley Company began in 2021 as Jack and Nick saw a gap in the market for clothes they actually wanted to wear. Focusing on quality materials, clean boxy cuts, playful imagery, and  contrasting use of colour, Shirley Company exudes a youthful energy across all of their collections.

Severe Nature (Brent Pha) – Founded in 2012, Ottawa-based brand Severe Nature embraces its unique threads and unorthodox patterns to stand-out from the rest. They experiment with street and luxurious limitations by utilizing eclectic garments to embody their nonformous ideation—aiming to self-express and dance with nature’s extremities.

Severe Nature’s latest Bushman Collection campaign is a perfect representation of their ability to encapsulate vibrance and complexity within the fashion industry. Through unfamiliarity and open-ventured concepts, they dare everyone to be different and true to themselves.

Hintlab (Stefan Persaud) – Officially launched in 2020, Hintlab is a toronto-based brand characterized as an ongoing love letter to the cultural upbringing of founders Kenneth and Hugo. Each piece contains a story, weaving together aspects of Asian-Canadian culture through a combination of visual media and clothing making. Take the Spadina jacket for example, inspired by the abundance of plaid prints that can be found in Chinatown, it’s a callback to Ken’s parent’s first apartment in the area after moving to Canada.    

Hint offers a variety of ready to wear products ranging all the way from convertible cargo pants, to colourful mohair cardigans.  

Billy Hill (Liam Boatsmith) – What does a Nova Scotia boy do next after years of living in Los Angeles working as a filmmaker for the likes of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Travis Scott? Start a clothing brand of course! Not just any clothing brand however, but one that pays homage to his smalltown beginnings in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

This is exactly what Tyler Ross (better known as WhiteTrashTyler) has done since foundingBilly Hill in 2020.

Being that the brand is based around a fictitious mutant monster truck mechanic named Billy, Their clothing takes traditional workwear to the extreme into their own sub genre of mechanic wear. If you’re looking for that grungy, vintage, sun-faded aesthetic, Billy Hill was made for you. Whether it’s different camos, truck prints, or their seemingly signature diamond plate print, Billy Hill seamlessly meshes streetwear vibes with unique mechanical wear energy.

Founded in 2020, Canadian-based contemporary streetwear brand Punkandyo stands apart from the rest for its creative detail that plays up the ongoing y2K, punk pipeline that has taken over the streets of NYFW. Feeding off the ever-popular Sundae School and Chrome Hearts aesthetics; Punkandyo features personalized graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories to give them the creative edge over competitors. With timeless, high-quality pieces that offer a unique approach to streetwear, Punkandyo is one to watch in this new year. 

Montreal based streetwear brand, No Diploma not only creates a cross of preppy and contemporary in their designs but brings a sense of sarcasm and humour to their brand. Having a grasp on their niche and what sets them apart, No Diploma takes a spin on education, and lifelong learning; proudly toting their brand thesis “Whatever it is that you are pursuing at this very moment, whether it’s a career with no diploma or a career with a diploma, the important lesson here is to follow your path and staying true to yourself.” One of the most creative, well-adapted brands of the new year; No Diploma gets an A+. 

Fashion brand and retailer, Vancouver based Roden Gray has truly made a name for itself already. Carrying notorious brands like Eckhaus Latta and Acne Studios, as well as having a collaboration with Canadian legend, Lululemon to create a line of traditional, muted tone, athletic apparel. Roden Gray works to provide a space for up-and-coming designers to showcase their collections and diversity amongst like-minded creatives. With luxury retailers already in the circuit, Roden Gray stands high amongst the others with a diversified range of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.


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