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LOSTBOYJAY Interview | Say Goodbye, Creative Vision & Live Shows



Canadian DJ LOSTBOYJAY and producer, has taken the dance music scene by storm. Canadian DJ LOSTBOYJAY and producer, has taken the dance music scene by storm. His hit single “Could Be Wrong” has amassed over 50 million worldwide streams. He had his first headline show in the USA, followed by another major show where he opened for the legendary Benny Benassi.

At the end of November, he released the highly anticipated single “Say Goodbye,” featuring Canadian singer-songwriter, Billy Raffoul, which has already amassed over 150,000 streams in just two weeks. The track brings forward a heavy 80s influence, a component that differentiates LOSTBOYJAY from his peers. All the while being perfected by Billy Raffoul’s trance-like vocals, resulting in a timeless hit for the duo. 

We had the chance to chat with LOSTBOYJAY regarding the creative vision behind the sound of this track and video. 

Can you share some insights into the creative process that went into making the “Say Goodbye” music video and what served as the inspiration for the song’s visual concept? 

I wanted to bring together the two worlds that Billy and I exist in. With Billy, I get huge 70s vibes from him and the music that he makes. Having the first half of the video play out as a live performance on stage speaks to Billy’s vibe and what he brings as an artist. When it switches over to the party in the 2nd half of the video, that’s where it brings my world into focus. In terms of inspiration, it’s really just the sound for me – if something sounds like the 70s or 80s, that’s the aesthetic I’m going to go for. Visuals need to match the vibe of the audio to a certain degree, otherwise, it just ends up falling short. 

How did the collaboration with Billy Raffoul come about? What impact do you think Billy Raffoul’s soulful vocals have on the atmosphere of the song? 

This collaboration came together because Billy and I have been friends for a long time. Billy is my boy and is super talented. We started making music together for fun without any expectations and when we were in the studio working on this song, we knew we had something really special. I draw a lot of inspiration from the 70s and 80s in my music and Billy’s soulful vocals ended up being exactly what the song needed. Someone actually asked me if the vocals were a sample. 

What are some specific elements or influences that make this track uniquely LOSTBOYJAY? 

When I make music, I never want it to be too complicated with a million laser sounds, main stage build-ups, and synths going off on a drop – that doesn’t resonate with me. It’s cool when someone else does it, but all that isn’t for me. I keep it simple, I keep it house-y.

Your journey has seen significant growth and exploration within the music industry. What aspects of your artistic identity do you feel have evolved the most, and what challenges have contributed to your growth as an artist? 

I feel like I’ve really found my sound and the type of music I want to be putting out into the world. I listen to all types of dance music, but OG house is one that hits the hardest for me, so I’m looking forward to releasing more music that is aligned with the vision. In terms of challenges, it’s a similar challenge that anyone faces when putting stuff out into the world: resistance. You have to be able to push past that, and that’s when things really start to change. 

What can fans expect from LOSTBOYJAY in the near future? Are there any shows or collaborations that you’re particularly looking forward to? 

Expect a lot of new music and a lot more live shows.

I just played my first USA headline show at EOS Lounge in Santa Barbara and then opened for the legend Benny Benassi in San Fran the following night (on my birthday, actually). Also really looking forward to the new year and releasing new music.

LOSTBOYJAY’s success with “Could Be Wrong” to the anticipated release of “Say Goodbye,” proves his undeniable presence within the electronic music scene. As this year comes to a close in LOSTBOYJAY’s journey, we are eagerly anticipating what’s next for the Canadian DJ in 2024.


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