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L.O.V.E. Is In The Air for One Toronto Singer-Songwriter Katrina Anastasia



On April 29th, R&B/Soul singer/songwriter Katrina Anastasia released her latest single, titled ‘L.O.V.E’. Born and raised in Toronto, many who have met Katrina know her to be filled with enough love and talent to fill a room. 

As an avid creator with a vivid imagination, Katrina wanted L.O.V.E. to feel different, and more purposeful. She crafted L.O.V.E. with hopes that her listeners would be appreciative of the message behind the song, inspiring her to continue to work hard at making music. 

“I actually wrote this song in the same [freestyle] session that I wrote the very first song [I ever put out]; it was called SOBA”, Katrina recounts. “I came across this goldshouse beat, very Amy Winehouse, which is where I got the hook.” 

Although the hook came to her quickly, it wasn’t until this year, after more than a dozen releases under her belt, that she decided to rent the beat, record the song and upload it for the world to see. 

“My process for writing music is usually the same; I’ll play something on my guitar or find a beat and I’ll start freestyling different melodies;” Katrina says. “Once I had the hook for this song I knew I wanted [L.O.V.E.]  to be more classy and sensual rather than sexy.”

The beat itself starts off sultry and mysterious, and only seconds in are listeners graced with Katrina’s soothing, soprano voice. Giving contemporary R&B mixed with themes of love (you guessed it), sex and eloquence, L.O.V.E. begins and finishes strong. Between the powerful lyrics, soulful melody and rhythmic beats, this is the kind of song you’ll never skip over. 

“I was inspired by the idea that [many] are stuck looking for love and admiration from someone else, rather than looking for that within [themselves],” Katrina says. She hints on using metaphors that hint on women and sexuality, which can be found scattered throughout the music video. “As soon as you say it’s over, that’s when they start treating you the way you’ve always wanted to be treated the whole time.”

The music video, which followed the release for L.O.V.E. was nothing short of exhilarating; flooded with Katrina’s visions, it was flawlessly curated. The dimly-lit scenes were filled with rose petals and silhouettes of Katrina herself, shot in the OBJX studio which she’s always spoken so highly of. 

Katrina touches on the fact that L.O.V.E. was supposed to symbolize strength and vulnerability, which she had hoped to showcase through parts of the music video. “I wanted the dancing girls to be different senses — feathers symbolizing touch — the flowers symbolizing scent — that was one of my main ideas, along with the realization that we can’t blame someone for being attracted to other people, since there are so many beautiful people out there.” 

As she watches L.O.V.E. take off, Katrina is hopeful for the future, and what it might bring. “I have a show coming up at the El Mocambo on May 25 with a band;” she gushes. “I’m learning how to produce and be able to have full creative freedom and control, which is cool. There’s also a release event I’ll be attending on May. 18th at OBJX studio with really good, sensual, candle lit vibes — so I’m excited.” 

Stream L.O.V.E. on all platforms now!


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