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Exploring the Complexity of Long-Distance Love: Chxrry22’s Latest Video “Worlds Away”



Emerging artist Chxrry22, hailing from Toronto, has recently unveiled a mesmerizing new single and accompanying video titled “Worlds Away.” This captivating release serves as an introspective diary entry, where the singer’s intricate train of thought comes to life through sugary sweet vocals and dazzling, uptempo production. Produced by DJ Camper, the track blends cinematic string arrangements with a deep, fast-paced bassline, creating a compelling sonic backdrop for a narrative centered around an anxiety-ridden long-distance romance.

In the visually stunning music video, which Chxrry22 self-directed alongside the creative team NSTY, the artist finds herself in a world far removed from her everyday reality. Set amidst glistening lakes and vibrant meadows, the video symbolically portrays the protagonist’s emotional state. As she paces with her phone, seemingly unable to fully embrace the beauty of her surroundings, Chxrry22 becomes consumed by the challenges and complexities of her long-distance relationship.

This release marks an important milestone for Chxrry22, who showcases her talents not only as a vocalist but also as a visionary artist. With “Worlds Away,” she delves into the depths of her emotions, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into her personal journey. The combination of heartfelt lyrics, ethereal vocals, and expertly crafted production makes this single a compelling addition to Chxrry22’s growing body of work. As an emerging artist from Toronto’s vibrant music scene, Chxrry22 continues to captivate audiences with her unique sound and introspective storytelling.


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