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Vitaly’s SS23 Campaign “Source Material” Celebrates Versatility and Sustainability



Vitaly Jewellery’s SS23 Campaign, “Source Material” is one for the books. The campaign was a celebration of the sustainability and versatility of raw, recycled materials like stainless steel, that can be transformed into stunning pieces of luxury, affordable jewelry.

There is something to say about the simplicity of this collection’s designs, as they truly speak for themselves. Vitaly chose to focus on the raw materials of its manufacturing process; highlighting the natural textures and patterns rather than focusing on intricate details or design. This approach allowed for a greater appreciation of the materials themselves and the skilled craftsmanship that went into creating each piece; as well as the sustainability surrounding the collection. 

The standout pieces of the campaign are their rings, which featured minimalist pieces like the “Entity” and “Relic,” which were made from 100% recycled stainless steel (as is the entirety of the collection.) Not only has Vitaly released an entire collection using sustainable, recycled materials but they have featured partnerships with Toronto-based designer Spencer Badu and DJ Deadmau5 to create custom pieces.

Spencer Badu x Vitaly features a unique piece that pays homage to Badu’s Ghanaian roots as the “Coast Chain” is made exclusively from recycled stainless steel, African turquoise stones and cowrie shells that evokes memories from the beaches of Africa; according to Badu. In reflection to the artists, Deadmau5’s piece is one that features a gold and silver bedazzled pendant with his signature mau5 head- created for true mau5heads.

Vitaly Jewellery chose to let the materials speak for themselves- making sure to highlight the intricacy and quality of each piece. This approach not only showcased the duality of the materials but also highlighted the brand’s commitment to quality and ethical production. The ability to create handmade, unique pieces from 100% recycled material is one to be applauded, as this is not an easy task. 

Vitaly’s SS23 Campaign, “Source Material ” was a refreshing and inspiring celebration of the natural beauty and versatility of source materials that come from a collection of car parts, skyscrapers, and various machinery,  that makes this campaign stand out from the rest. Vitaly has successfully created pieces of wearable, sustainable art with this collection and has inspired the future of sustainable jewelry creation and design as a whole. 


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