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The Best Canadian Albums of 2022




Jessie Reyez’s album, Yessie, delivers an evolved and mature version of the artist that showcases her versatility as a musician. The 11-track album seamlessly blends genres like house, lounge and even a bit of rap, while being supported by clean and polished production. The album is also noteworthy for its strong lyricism and Reyez’s captivating vocals. It is easily one of the top Canadian albums of 2022, and will resonate with both fans and critics alike.

Across The Board 

Charlie B established himself as a powerful force in the Canadian hip-hop scene in 2022. He established a reputation as a versatile artist and producer, collaborating with a diverse range of musicians and composing music for the first-ever Rolling Loud in Canada. His debut album, “Across The Board,” stood out as a milestone in the Canadian hip-hop scene. The album features an all-star cast of notable Toronto rappers, who worked together seamlessly under Charlie B’s expert production and direction, creating a cohesive and striking release that stays true to the Toronto sound. Additionally, Charlie B’s inclusion of a humorous skit track, featuring Toronto’s staple comedians Trae & Jae Richards, illustrates his ability to inject levity and fun into his music.

I Used to Think I Could Fly

Tate McRae is an artist to watch in the pop music scene. Her debut album, “I Used to Think I Could Fly” is a shining example of her immense talent as a singer and songwriter. The album may not have the diversity of style, but the quality of each song is undeniable. Tate’s powerful vocals are a standout feature, and the mixing and mastering of the album only amplifies the emotional depth in her music. If you’re not familiar with this emerging artist, it is an absolute must to listen to this album and discover her unique and captivating style.

The Other Side

Chxrry22, the first female artist signed to XO, has a bright future ahead of her, especially given her introduction to the music world through The Weeknd, one of the best artists alive. Her debut album “The Other Side” was a strong showing, reminding listeners of a nostalgic early-2010s Abel. Chxrry’s heavenly vocals are the standout feature in her album. The album takes listeners on a journey through an alternate universe, perfect for listening to late at night, as it navigates themes of love and loss, painting a picture of past relationships, healing and growth. We are excited to see the continued rise of this talented, home-grown artist.

Demons Protected By Angels

Nav’s albums are always highly-anticipated and his latest release is no exception. Being a producer-turned rapper, the production quality of his albums is consistently on point. His latest album is filled with star-studded collaborations, including features from top-tier artists such as Lil Uzi, Future, Durkio, Travis Scott, Don Toliver and more. The chemistry between Nav and these featured artists is evident in the album’s smooth, organic flow. Nav continues to explore his own personal struggles and fame-related themes on this album, showing a more introspective side that is familiar to his fans. The album features a mix of upbeat tracks and more reflective, slower-paced songs that showcase Nav’s ability to tap into his own emotions in a more profound way than ever before.

Honestly, Nevermind

“Honestly, Nevermind” was a departure from The Boy’s usual sound, and upon its initial release, it received mixed reactions from fans and critics. However, the album has aged like fine wine, further solidifying the artist’s status as one of the best in the industry today. Drake’s ability to take risks and push boundaries is evident in this album, with its house and dance-infused beats, making it the perfect vibe for summer listening. The production value is top-notch, with precise sound selections that elevate the overall listening experience. Even without the vocals, the instrumentals on this album are noteworthy in their own right, showing the level of care and attention put into the project. While it took some time for fans to fully embrace “Honestly, Nevermind,” the album is now widely considered a masterpiece by Aubrey Graham.

No Weapons

No Weapons from award-winning Toronto R&B artist Savannah Ré is a result of a period of self-discovery and reflection, and features songs that showcase the artist’s confidence, clarity and determination. No Weapons includes collaborations with several notable musicians including breakout lyricist/emcee/producer Mez, R&B singer-songwriter Dylan Sinclair, and GRAMMY award-winning producers Boi-1da, Beat Butcha and JUNO award winner YogiTheProducer. The EP is being seen as a statement of Savannah’s growth as an artist with its many collaborators.

Dawn FM

There isn’t much to say about this album because it speaks for itself. The album is seen as a classic and is considered to be among his best work. The album has many strong tracks with almost very little features and showcases a style reminiscent of Michael Jackson. If you haven’t listened to it, do yourself a favour and give it a listen.

When Flowers Bloom

A jewel in the Toronto music scene is Adria Kane. A beautiful work of art that can brighten your day is When Flowers Bloom. This album’s laid-back R&B vibes make it perfect for long drives or working while it is playing in the background. Adria is steadily establishing a solid reputation for herself. From beginning to end, WFB features superb vocals, writing, and production.


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