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RYE’s “Never Know” Integrates Themes of Personal Loss, Betrayal, Trauma and Growth



Following the release of his debut music video for ‘One Take’, RYE releases visuals for his new single ‘Never Know’.

RYE is a new generation R&B artist and writer from Toronto, Canada specializing in catchy, soulful melodies that speak to island roots and aged experiences in big cities. RYE’s approach to alternative R&B integrates themes of personal loss, betrayal, trauma, and growth with visceral lyrics and impeccable production. Through covers, singles, remixes, and longer projects; RYE incorporates trap, soul, dancehall, and Afrobeat elements into his brand of R&B.

“Never Know” is the second single from the upcoming EP (“The Boy Who Lived”) announced by RYE. The theme of this single and project is centered on looking for answers and asking questions. The latin inspired guitar blended with the trap drums gives the listener a ride to follow and enjoy. From the delivery of the message, to the ever so catchy hook, It brings audiences to a space of deep thought while on a smooth ride.

With the melody encapsulating a rhythm as if it were straight out of the 90’s, it’s clear why RYE has been gaining so much traction as an independent artist after his recent tour with Bitter x Broke & Dreammore Studios.


“As an artist, I believe it’s our job to create something that makes the world better. Create from our perspective and shed light to factors that may not even seem existent to viewers / listeners.”


The music video itself was exceptionally well done in the style of an abstract art lyric video. Splurges of black and white conveying only his outline show RYE speaking to his audience with intent of justifying his actions of neverendless work. The song synced with the visuals played a vital role in portraying RYE’s focus on his work ethic and its tendency to push away those around him.

With both the cover art and visuals done by Tyler Roussel, RYE has very clearly stamped his visual branding throughout this project with his continuity of sights and sounds.

This record is a melodic experience retelling his perspective on society and his environment around him. Trouble surrounding death, money and poor relationships. But when is it enough? When will we finally see change? Forced to a breaking point, RYE takes his emotions and channels them through his music to tell his story as ‘The Boy Who Lived.’

Overall, Toronto’s RYE is a perfect example of an artist doing his work by getting his music in front of people while staying humble and showing love. He has faith in his art and knows that people will feel it. I look forward to hearing more from RYE in the near future as he continues to grow his brand and fan base even further. This song is just another prime example of RYE’s storytelling and songwriting abilities. This single as well as the music video is available on all platforms now and will be part of his upcoming EP ‘The Boy Who Lived’ which is set to debut at the end of December 2022.


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