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Vitaly Transcends Industry Standards with a Futuristic FW2022 Collection



Just recently, one of our familiar favourites, Vitaly, dropped their FW2022 jewellery collection online and in-stores. The company itself, known for their engineered staples and haute-aesthetics, worked hard to create a different look for their pieces this time around.

The fine line walked upon where futuristic meets edgy is exactly where these designs began. And, each of the three pieces are unlike any that the brand has ever seen before. 

The Ransom is the first of the three; priced at $233 CAD, this bracelet is an adaptation of Vitaly’s signature Riot chain, except with a wall of spikes surrounding it. Finished with a buckle clasp, the bracelet is available in both silver and gold metals and is perfect if you’re looking for a staple piece that’s worth stepping outside of your comfort zone for.

Next is the Decibel, which makes a rather loud statement, as the name should imply. Priced

 at $117 CAD, this ear cuff is dramatic yet gorgeous, and is designed to be worn without the need for a piercing. This is because it is equipped with eight claw-like spikes that wrap around the entire ear to secure it in place. Giving the illusion of multiple piercings in the ear, this piece is also available in both silver and gold metals with different sizing to boot. Let’s face it; with this one, it’s about more than what meets the eye. (or should we say ear?

Lastly, but certainly not least is the Fever. This chain might be my personal favourite; like the Ransom, both designs share the same adaptation of the Riot chain, yet this one can be worn around the neck. Priced at $213 CAD, this chain has a stunning geometric-esque effect to it that is sure to make heads turn. A key statement piece for anyone who dares to sport it, the chain and bracelet alike are both finished with the same buckle clasp, allowing for them to be worn in unison. 


Ready to shop? All pieces are available ​here now! 


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