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Jay Glavany Returns With Gorgeous “Look What You’ve Done” EP


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Cameroonian-Canadian Jay Glavany has been blessing his audience with luscious, airy R&B tracks for years now. A jack of all trades, Glavany writes, performs, and produces all of his music, and it’s shown off in the aesthetic that runs through his entire catalog. It’s the type of artistic consistency that can only be showcased through a hands-on approach in all facets of the creative process, and that vision shines through once again on his newest EP, Look What You’ve Done.

Look What You’ve Done is short and sweet at only thirteen minutes, with the listening experience resembling something of a dream. It’s songs are populated with reverb-laden guitars, ethereal synths, and Glavany’s gorgeous vocals, floating in and out of listeners’ headphones from start to finish. That’s not to say the songs sound samey, though- they each possess unique qualities while staying in the confines of Glavany’s signature sound, whether it be the strings, horns, and spoken-word courtesy of Dae the Poet on opener “CAREFREE”, the delicate percussion of “Good Things”, or the indie stylings of “Already Lost”.

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What’s most impressive about Look What You’ve Done is its cohesion. Usually, EPs are released as a glorified set of B-sides alongside a big single that didn’t fit on an album, or are a quick update between records that an artist utilizes as a gift to their fans. Glavany’s taken it a step further, and made an EP that feels like a full-length project. It’s a testament to his perfectionism, his unwillingness to release anything that isn’t up to the sky-high bar he’s set for his work. That’s the best thing about being a Jay Glavany fan. You don’t have to worry about setting expectations, because he’ll set them higher, and deliver every time.

Listen to Look What You’ve Done below, and follow Jay Glavany on Instagram @jayglavany and on Twitter @jayglavany1.


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