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Exclusive Interview | Baby Marky Discusses His Nightlife Come Up And The Extra Trippy Visuals Released For His New Single “Alone”



Every artist in Toronto is unique in their own right, and although they might have similarities, everyone’s story is different; people come up in different neighbourhoods, make different kinds music, and for Baby Marky, come into the scene from a completely different perspective.

Marky grew up around his father’s in-home studio, and although he loved music, he never thought of himself as a musician. Still, he was around music his whole life. When he was younger, he was apart of the dance team at school, then when he got older, he was hosting club events that would were flooded with Toronto’s current generation of artists.

Whether he planned it or not, being around music in that way, has set him up for an excellent career. Before he even made his first song, Marky knew the kinds of music he would dance to, and also knew the kind of music that would make people go crazy at the club.

Finally, after a casual freestyle session with some friends, Marky was persuaded to take music seriously, and put everything that he learned, to use.

Baby Marky’s latest single, “Alone”, is an ode to the artist he has become. Now that he’s accepting of his role as an artist and creative, Marky is able to embrace the isolation that he feels, being as unique as he is.

An incredible video, directed by Justin Alexis, accompanies the song and further drives home the idea that Marky feels most at home around other “aliens”.

Check out an edited version of our conversation with Baby Marky below and be sure to check out the new single “Alone”, available everywhere now!



What was your early life like? What was your family’s relationship with music?

Early on, I was always with my family, hanging out with my cousins and running around the neighbourhood. Being that my mom is Portuguese, and my dad is Jamaican, I had a pretty broad range of culture around me. My father is the one who introduced me to making music, after he heard me recite some lyrics from the radio. That’s what sparked my interest in the music scene.

Do you remember some of the music you liked listening to at that time?

The first artists that I remember liking were Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. From then on, the list just expanded, and at this point it’s hard for me to choose just a few names.

You told us that you didn’t want to be a musician right away, but could you talk about the other ways you got involved with the music scene?

Between the ages of 10 and 14, I took up dancing. Then in grade nine, I joined the dance team for my high school. At the time, I was really enjoying it, but now I just like to dance when I feel the vibe for it.

You were also involved with the nightlife scene in the city. How did being involved with that influence your music and art?

Being involved in the Toronto scene let me step back and take a look at the primary listeners and consumers, which then allowed me to modify my approach accordingly. It really helped me realize that knowing your audience is a key, and that relating to them is evenly important.

How did you decide it was time to start putting out your own music?

Honestly, I used to just enjoy the music and studio energy. My friends and family were the ones who told me, “You should take this seriously”, “your sound is different”, “keep making music”. That’s when I really locked in and started to build a team around me, that could see what I was seeing. After that, I just started to tap in where I could.

“Alone” is really dope, and the visuals are amazing too. You keep it extra real in the lyrics, but then the visuals are crazy and trippy. They balance each other out nicely. Were you ever hesitant to be vulnerable in your music?

I never really gave it any thought to be honest. I just talk about what’s really going on in my life, and how I’m feeling.

Were you involved in the direction of the music video, or were you happy to let the team take control of that?

The director of the video, Justin Alexis, has great vision. I showed him the song and he hit me back with an idea, then we just expanded from there. I believe that more minds are better than one, so I always get input from the team on anything being considered for release.

What’s coming up next?

Right now, I’m working on a couple more singles and short EP that I can’t wait to let the world hear, but before that, I got another single with crazy visuals dropping soon.

Check out “Alone” below and be sure to show Baby Marky some love! Make sure you’re tapped in for more new music.


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