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Thomas Nzekwesi starting a legacy in Canada as well as the USA



At an age where the possibilities for self promotion through online channels are seemingly limitless, the importance of having the right guidance and support on your come-up as an independent artist, is at an all time high. 

Thomas Nzekwesi recognized this in the course of his own rise to a music career as an A&R and brand developer, as well as the Co founder of Varsity Artist Development – a program which helps artists “bridge the gap between being an aspiring musician and becoming a professional.”

Nzekwesi got his start in the industry as an intern whilst dividing his time between completing a bachelors, and pursuing his passion of music himself. As someone who started off as an indie artist, his natural ability to identify and help evolve raw talent, came as no surprise. 

Nowadays, he has made a name for himself amongst both independent, and major label players, such as The Orchard, Universal, Symphonic, and Equity Distribution  – a music platform that distributes unsigned artists’ music worldwide, while empowering them to retain ownership of their work. 

He hopes to make meaningful changes within the music world, which is why he’s completely focused his energy on artist development, as well as shedding light on the “sharks” in the industry. Indeed, his impactful work and reputation as one of the hottest young A&R’s around, has garnered the attention and support from some hard hitters in his sector.

Nzekwesi’s specialty is being able to acknowledge natural talent when he hears it, as well as helping the artist create a look for themselves that matches their unique sound. With the skill set of some of the music industry greats, the work ethic of Shawn Barron, the ear of Barry Gordy, the finesse of  Caroline Diaz and the ability to coordinate, build, and manage a team like Barry Weiss, Nzekwesi has proved himself – and his team – ones to watch out for in 2021.


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