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TEJ releases debut single “Watch Out” featuring LOST KID GAMBIT



Uplifting and dark, TEJ has shown the city a new wave of music in his debut single, “Watch Out”. The artist joined forces with recording artist and producer LOST KID GAMBIT to create the single that was released on Dec.22 of last year.

The two have been working together for a year to craft a song that sheds light on isolation, sadness and keeping the faith during your darkest times. On TEJ’s journey of his exploration of music, he’s become a part of the collective SEE THINGS VIVID that includes TRULY NXSH and LOST KID GAMBIT.

TEJ is also responsible for the filming and directing of LOST KID GAMBIT’s video for the single, “Dark thoughts”. TEJ’s style on this single carries an energy that is purely alluring and chilling to the ear. He knows how to tell a story of overcoming through sound and executes it with ease. You can stream the debut single, “Watch Out” below and be prepared to hear a lot more from TEJ, as this is only the beginning for the artist.


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