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From Russia to Toronto, Lost Kid Gambit Takes “A Leap of Faith”



  “The greatest thing about Toronto is the diversity. Every culture, race, religion, language, and sociology-status is represented and can get along in harmony. You can indulge in every flavour of the planet in the city of Toronto.”

   Russian born artist Daniel Zalvenski, also known as Lost Kid Gambit, moved to Toronto at the age of 24 to take his music career to new heights. Lost Kid Gambit first performed internationally in his 20’s in Portugal and has released over 50 tracks since 2012 in the psytrance genre. Although he’s played his music in London, Frankfurt, Lisbon, and India, it is in Canada where he attended Harris Institute for Music Production and Music Management. He has been working with many local musicians and now has a community of heavy hitters. On top of that, Lost Kid Gambit has formed a record label known as ‘See Things Vivid’ alongside Truly NXSH and TEJ.

   Lost Kid Gambit has a unique psychedelic vibe to his sound and this can trace back to his roots. At the age of 1l his father introduced him to Hard Rock which had a major influence in his life going forward. By the age of 14 he was practicing guitar and by 16, he formed his fist metal band in an old underground shelter which they used as a rehearsal room. It didn’t take long for him to discover the underground culture of Psytrance music. He fully engulfed himself in the rave scene in Israel, learning how to produce music from one of the top acts in the scene at the time.

   In December 2020, Lost Kid Gambit’s debut single “Dark Thoughts” was released. The track that was produced by him alone, shows his skill level and versatility. This is his first release as a recording artist and songwriter. Lost Kid Gambit has many influences and finds inspiration in all things. You can expect to hear songs from him from many different genres in the future.


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