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Get to Know KriSean Woods and His “Energy”



            Meet KriSean Woods, an American singer, dancer, and actor, from Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up, he spent most of his childhood in Montgomery, Alabama. At only 7 years old, he was already singing, dancing, and performing talent shows for his family and cousins at cookouts. KriSean’s family encouraged his love for music by asking him to sing and including him in different shows during his pre-teen years. In addition to being a musician, KriSean also has an impressive background in acting and modelling, starring in many different plays and shows for his close friends. KriSean says these experiences helped him become the creative, talented artist he is today.

Later in life, he moved back home to Atlanta, Georgia, to build his music/acting career. The artist says Atlanta plays an important role in his creativity as an artist because of its diversity and vibrance. In 2020, KriSean made his mark and debuted his first single, “Energy”, featuring the legendary Star Search, Tiffany Evans. “Energy” can be described as a dreamy, sultry R&B hit that will remind fans of artists like Chris Brown and Brent Faiyaz. Much like Atlanta’s infectious spirit, “Energy” is a song that fans will be able to connect and relate to.

““Energy” is a smooth, feel good song. Energy is really in everything nowadays, so I was creating something that everyone could relate to” says the artist in an interview with VENTS Magazine. KriSean says the song is inspired by a bar experience he had. While at a bar, he was making eye contact with someone from across the room and in that moment, he instantly felt a type of energy that he wanted to share in his music.

KriSean Woods is an independent artist who “possesses a quality of sound that denotes universal appeal and versatility”. He is an artist who believes in being resilient and open minded. He believes that immersing oneself in all types of music genres is the key to growth. That is why his music will not only be influenced by R&B, but by other genres like pop, reggae, and dancehall as well. KriSean plans to continue being multi-dimensional with his sound as he continues to work on more upcoming singles, along with a debut album for this year.

For now, fans can listen to his newest single, “Rendezvous”, on all streaming platforms. Based on his first single alone, we can expect big things to come out of KriSean Woods for 2021.


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