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Toronto’s Portion Drops His Debut EP “I Am Nothing Without”



Nov. 12 was an exciting day for rap fans everywhere as NF Portion released his EP. Made up of nine tracks, this Scarborough-born rapper sought out to do something brilliant in the music industry, and that is exactly where his path will take him.

There’s no doubt that Portion is a talented guy; his swagger and work ethic have landed him on the map, reaching an audience greater than that of Canada. His goals are to encourage and explain his trials and tribulations through song — the progression through his life to reaching newfound success are deeply discussed in each track. From beginning in the trenches to striving for greatness, Portion’s stories are just aching to be told, which he’s done (and continues to do) so effortlessly through music.

I Am Nothing Without the experiences I’ve been through and this EP is music that everybody can relate to”, said Portion. “Listeners can fill in the blank of what keeps them motivated and what makes them whole. The music speaks for itself when you feel the pain through the storytelling of my lyrics and the championship feel of the production. I’m depicting the feeling of coming up from the bottom and what it means when pain turns to a win. I Am Nothing Without represents everything that I’ve sacrificed to get to this point.”

What can listeners expect? For starters, 99 PRBLMS is as addictive as a song can be. For real— it’s been on repeat all day. Giving a Lil Mosey type-vibe, this one is catchy, though somber; It describes life in the streets and Portion’s uncertainty with himself. Despite the deeper meaning to this track, it doesn’t change its #1 ranking in my books.

Another notable track on the EP is Wave. We know by now that Portion is far too good at rapping, and this song is a great example of that. Wave feels as though it could belong on Slime Language 2, and that my friends, is a good thing. Portion excels at bringing out the hype at the best of times — Wave is the perfect track to get a good night going and keep everyone’s spirits high.

Following the release of this EP, Dior Me is another track that I’m sure will be sought after. In these lyrics, Portion talks about betrayal, giving listeners a reason to relate and a reason to hit the repeat button. Rather than hiding behind a ‘tough guy’ facade, Portion seems as though he’s perfectly comfortable with bearing any pain and triumphs he feels in his songs.

The EP has six other songs which I can’t say enough good things about. It’s worth listening from top to bottom, or even shuffling in the car, as each one hits differently than the next. From Muddy to Dreams Money Can’t Buy, to Hella Clean, there’s bound to be a track in there for everyone to relate to, which is the best part about Portion’s music.

Portion has been recording since 2015 and as the songs slowly started to trickle in, so did his rise to fame. Though he has thousands of listeners on Spotify, this EP might have been the best thing he’s ever created. Hopefully Portion’s work ethic will entice him to stick around. If he does, this Toronto superstar might become competition for many within the industry, if he hasn’t already made a name for himself.


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