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Exclusive Interview: Pat Williams releases EP “In Case I Don’t See You”



Pat Williams released his six-track EP “In Case I Don’t See You” today.

“My whole thing was always to remain human. People that know me know I wear my heart and afflictions on my sleeve. We’re all dynamic, there’s no on brand marketing scheme to this,” Williams said.

“In Case I Don’t See You” is not just any other EP with an ordinary tracklist – it’s an experience.

The dreamy sound of melodic keys on the album’s first song, “Reassurance” introduces you to an array of songs that paint a picture of scenarios that stem from the artist’s mind. The lyricism and sound tie in together to tell a story of relationships, love and its interference with ego.

Williams told Sidedoor that the EP represents a love that was lost and how the pain from that experience can bleed through to new relationships. The entire project speaks on the cause and effect of both past and present, the artist said.

 Williams has taken a spin on R&B and Hip-Hop by piecing together string sections and saxophones that give the album a smooth Jazz twist to it. Each element is brilliantly orchestrated in this project, allowing Williams to create a sound that is new and refreshing. It’s just what the city needs.

 “I knew sonically, I wanted the project to feel cinematic and fuse genres. I love songs that in terms of arrangement, develop and grow, I think it lends itself to a very ethereal experience, if done right,” the artist said.

The EP was completed entirely within five weeks and JSP, Nevon Sinclair and Ryan Michaels are amongst the 14 collaborators who helped piece the project together.

“Pride” is the record where Williams found his favourite verse on the EP, which was written in just 15 minutes. It’s also the song he felt the closest to, he said. “It all seemed to flow effortlessly and was a piece that felt absolutely necessary for me to write and is integral for the project,” the artist said.

“In Case I Don’t See You” is a new beginning for the artist, but never the end. The title in itself alludes to a possible future album.

Check out the EP below:


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