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Connor Mowat Releases Hyperpop-infused EP “something’s missing”



Connor Mowat, a 23-year-old singer/songwriter and producer from Toronto has recently released his 7-track EP, “something’s missing”, on all streaming platforms. The project takes inspiration from modern hip-hop just as much as it does from contemporary hyperpop peers such as ericdoa, 100 gecs, and brakence.

The vocals were entirely self-recorded in Connor’s bedroom, with the production being taken care of by a couple of different outsourced producers, mostly based in LA. Even with so many moving parts, on “something’s missing”, Connor was able to curate a project that completely reflects his artistic vision – and now he’s ready to share that vision with the world. The project’s story tells itself, but guess verses from midwxst and Miguel Angeles add the details.

“something’s missing” is a confession just as much as it is an expression. Even though this is Connor’s first project, he’s already decided that it’s important to him to share his most vulnerable self with the audience; and what can’t be felt through his writing, can be heard through his production.

When asked about the project, Connor shared;

“The project’s called “something’s missing” because that’s the way i’ve always felt – like something’s always missing and I can never be happy. I made it during a time when I was really confused and had a lot of bottled up resentment. When all the songs came together, I realized that the project is kind of kind of the story of me trying to fill my own void. I’ve kind of made peace with everything and I’m in a better place now, with a better understanding of it all, but the EP definitely started from an angry, bitter place.”

Check out the EP below and show Connor some love! Let him know what you think of the EP, and how excited you are to hear more!


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