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Goodbye Tomorrow Releases Visuals For “04 $$ Like That Could Change Life (2k19)



New year, new you? What about some new music in your new year’s playlist?

Just recently, Goodbye Tomorrow has released their new visualizer video for their track, “04 $$ Like That Could Change Life (2k19)”.

They say the 360 visualizers are the best way to let people experience the song in it’s full.

“So it’s about getting the listener to feel like they’re in another world,” they say. “All those visualizers are parts of a larger music video that’s further down the road release wise that’s crazy. You know what I’m saying, like a magnum opus, cinematic masterpiece type thing. All those virtual worlds pull from that.”

“04 $$ Like That Could Change Life (2k19)” is their first single after a two-year break. The single explores the importance of economic power in the African American community and its possible effect on the life of future generations.

The single is the first track from their upcoming EP fake mad ACTUALLY [manifesto of a fallen king]. They say the EP will be mostly focused on “some black shit”.

“Black power, Black pride, Black money,” they say.

They explain that the video has been in works forever, but in order to put it out they needed “stuff surrounding it”.

And when the stuff started erupting around the country, and people only started paying attention to it; they still were saying stuff like “oh it’s getting bad for black folks out there”. To which Goodbye Tomorrow has a simple answer:

“Ahh ya’ll thought this was new?,” he says. “Like, bro, I been making songs talking about this since 2015”

He says it kind of become a self-afirmation and understanding that they’ve been on this path and will continue to be on this path despite the noise around them.

 “We’ve been on this righteous mission, we gon continue to be on this righteous mission, we gon’ link up with the chains we link up with until we become a fence and block out these bullies in the system that’s held us down in shackles.”

Goodbye Tomorrow dropped their first single, “Jay Z”, back in 2015, and since then they’ve secured their status as occult hip-hop trailblazers.

However, to Goodbye Tomorrow, this single is the best one so far. He explains that it has the most meaningful wordplay, word flips, history lessons, and even knowledge about what hip-hop truly is.

“It ain’t about being out there talking about chains on our backs you know, it’s about dropping jewels,” he says. “It’s either you telling somebody how to move for real, or you telling somebody something they need to know.”

When asked about his inspiration for art, Goodbye Tomorrow says it’s the sensory information surrounding us.

“We live in a place that’s sensory overload, at all times,” he says. “Instagram, Twitter, Fleet, Tweet, Zap, App, it’s all this shit going on around us at all times. I think all the best inspiration comes when you tune all that out and you lock in and hyper-focus on one thing.”

So the best way to get inspired is to start looking for something that will inspire you.

“I find inspiration from sounds, visuals, memories, everything, so eventually it all locks in and becomes some Goodbye Tomorrow shit.”

He says it can be basically anything.

“So whether that’s, I’m going to go stare at one painting until the color of the blue in the corner makes me think of a whole new thing that I want to design, or it’s this one lyric from 2013 like that I’ve never finished is really really in my head.”

But back to the actual work – Goodbye Tomorrow says it’s been years in the making. He says it’s not even an album, it’s the intro to their world.

“Nothing we’ve put out before has been a definitive piece of what GT is, he says. “This project defines GT sound wise, trajectory wise, where we going in the future, where we’ve been in the future. It’s like the beginning from the end, it’s like telling the same story over and over again, and refining your palate, refining your progress until you can’t be stopped because your prowess is undefeatable.”


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