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Erick Ryan Releases “Stuck”



Tired of aggressive and loud music? Or just looking for something to relax and kinda pause life for a second? We’ve got you covered.

Toronto’s rising star Eric Ryan has just released his new song, “Stuck”.

This is one of the songs that are not only just pure joy for your ears in terms of melody, this one is also getting to you with its lyrics. This soulful bedroom R&B piece is about the feeling of being “stuck” on a past relationship, the feeling that I think we can all agree we’ve had at least once in a lifetime. It is about feeling trapped in a neverending circle of memories of the good old days spent with an ex-lover.

I’ve already spent hours listening to it on repeat (no, I’m definitely not heartbroken), and if you feel me — I got some good news for you. Eric is dropping his debut EP, “Dream State”, on February 5th, followed by a new music video for Soleil coming on February 10th.

Eric Ryan is a Toronto musician who’s mixing R&B, Neo-Soul, Lo-fi, and Alternative influences in his art, getting a perfect melancholic-nostalgic sound in the result. He’s filling his music with his experiences in life, love, and self-thought.

Despite “Dream State” being his debut EP, Eric has already had some successful appearances in the media. Since his debut in Fall 2019, he has garnered over 2.2 million streams from all his platforms combined. But more to that, one of his singles “Summer/Autumn” has landed on TikTok posts of major influencers such as @Avani  and @LuvAnthony, hitting over 1.3M+ likes. Since then, he’s landed on major music media hubs like Lyrical Lemonade, Escape Tracks, SHEESH, Alona Chemerys, Waveland, RNB Radar & more.

Eric has been into music for a long time now, as at age 12 he self-taught himself to play guitar and would practice singing in his room for years. And in his 20s, he’s realized that music is indeed his path and started doing what he is doing today: blending together genres and sounds to create something of his own.

Listen to Stuck on SoundCloud now and stay tuned for the upcoming EP!


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