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Toronto’s Newest Competition: ALL IN!



What show challenges an artist and a producer to create a track within a day? The newest music competition ‘All In!’ hosted by local DJs, directed and created by Rostan Mander.

   The Toronto based series features a multitude of underground artists and producers, who go through the process of refining their music. Not only are they put under a time limit, they’re also competing against another artist and another producer. Under these pressures, the teams will go head to head and the show highlights the long process that these artists go through. Within a day, they work to find which parts of their work fits the message that they’re aiming to portray in their music.

   To start off the series right, Episode 1 features rapper Oseko alongside producer Leo Beats, put up against rapper Ben Lucid with producer Victor The Giant. As Natty B interviews the two duos, he asks them about their roots and who they idolize in the world of rap and hip hop. Through the various questions he asks, it allows viewers to gain insight about the artists themselves and shines a spotlight on them as well. At the end of the episode, the teams perform their songs and to decide a winner, a poll is set for viewers to vote.

   ‘All In!’ creates a platform for smaller Toronto based artists to step up on. Although the teams are challenged and are put head to head, the series celebrates diversity in the music community. It features talent from all over the city and creates a new outlet for creativity.


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