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LB Spiffy Keep the Music Rollin’ with “Kawasaki”



The young Jane and Finch local LB Spiffy is back again with another banger. Today he delivered “Kawasaki” and you definitely want to throw this on your playlist.

LB Spiffy has been on his grind this year. From delivering numerous hits, for example, Not Lyin, Income and Brand Name, he doesn’t anticipate easing back down at any point soon. Kawasaki can best be described as short and sweet. Checking in at around 2 minutes, that is all he needed to make his fans to feel up a vibe. His melodies are catchy and you’ll probably find yourself humming along in the first listen.

“This song is litty. It was all good vibes when creating “KAWASAKI” and I hope my fans pick up on that.” – LB SPIFFY via Warner Music

LB Spiffy’s profile is flourishing quick inside the music scene. He has amassed a solid fan base inside his locale just as universally after his music was utilized in NBA2K reels on YouTube, producing a large number of perspectives, and at last, driving him into the spotlight. Also, his tracks ‘Circumstances’ and ‘My Phone’ got the eyes of Drake and Kylie Jenner.

LB Spiffy has a bright future ahead of him and hopefully we can get a project from him soon.

Listen to Kawasaki below.


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