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Pat Williams Shows Ability and Versatility with “Offline” EP



Pat Williams is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter, recording artist, and engineer. His debut EP Offline, dropped just a few weeks ago but he’s already assured us that as good as it is, it’s just a taste of what’s to come.

The two-track Offline EP is an introspective look at the world from Pat’s eyes. Pat tells us stories about his world through intricate rapping but also very impressive melodies. As dense and complicated as the production is, the songs are smooth and effortless. The layering, and what seem to be endless synth loops set the backdrop for kicking drums, and again, really dope vocal execution by Pat. “Papercuts” is up-beat and followed by the well-complimenting, slower, spacier, R&B influenced “Phone Down”.

Offline lets listeners know about Pat’s ability as well as his versatility, which will be further displayed on his upcoming singles and projects. Untitled is set to release by the end of the year, with a few singles scheduled to release even before that.

Prepare yourself for more music from Pat Williams by checking out his Offline EP below! Show him some love and let him know Sidedoor sent you.


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