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3MFrench Is One Of The City’s Best After Releasing MMM Album With 6ixbuzz




3MFrench grew up doing what he had to do to help his family and friends get to where they are now. Growing up in the Chester Le neighbourhood of Scarborough, being a rapper was not in the plans for 3M growing up. However, whether he likes the label of “rapper” or not, he’s now one of the city’s best artists. With the release of his second full length project, Making Money Moves (MMM), French has solidified his spot and has raised the bar for those coming after him.

French and the 3M label is used to making hits, so the fact that this album was so well executed shouldn’t be a surprise. “Examples”, “I’m The One”, and “Griselda Blanco” by Pengz and TwoTwo were all independently released on the Tripl3 M YouTube channel and have amassed several million views. Just over a year ago, French released an the incredibly dope debut album Triple Threat.

French has a history of releasing hard-hitting street anthems that gave listeners on glimpse at his life, but with this album, he’s opened up even more. Of course, he claims that he’s not really a rapper, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s good at it. With Making Money Moves, French allows melodies and emotions to take centre stage, all while keeping true to himself and his team.


With Money Making Moves, French shows out. Songs like “Good Life”, “Costco”, “Fly Away”, “Understand Me”, “Apart Of Me”, and “For Life” featuring Bvlly (RIP🕊) are the best we’ve ever heard French. But those are just our favourites, and you’re sure to find your own because this is some of French’s most accessible and relatable work. It’s worth mentioning that Bvlly ends out the album. A sign of respect from French to one of his fallen peers. Throughout the album, French intertwines his lifestyle with ours, he raps about the streets, but also raps about pain and success – not only for himself, but for the people around him.

Whether or not French feels like a rapper is irrelevant. French has proved that he can deliver impressive flows and meaningful content over dope production, which in this case, is entirely mixed and mastered by DeeJayMo. Check out the MMM x 6ixBuzz release of Making Money Moves now on all streaming platforms. Be prepared to adjust your “favourite Toronto rappers” list, because the city getting better and we can feel it.

3M used to rap to the streets, now he’s rapping to the world.




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