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Nikki Yanofsky Shares Her Proudest Work With “Turn Down The Sound”



Nikki Yanofsky has been performing professionally since she was 11 years old, with her most commercially successful song coming in 2010. She was 16 at the time that “I Believe”, the anthem for the 2010 Winter Olympics, was released. Since then, Nikki has continued her musical journey, working with some of the worlds most talented and accomplished singer/songwriters. Herbie Hancock, Will.i.am, Elton John, and Quincy Jones are just some of the artists that Nikki has been associated with since being introduced to the industry. 


Now, in 2020, a full decade after the success of her multi-platinum works, Nikki is releasing what she considers the purest art she has created. Turn Down The Sound is pop music for the mature soul, engaged with the emotions that come with vulnerability, authenticity, and life in general. 

Released on July 10th, the ten-track album is entirely performed by Yanofsky, but credits Zachary Seman and Roger Kleinman (who have worked with Joey Bada$$ and ASAP Rocky) as producers and co-writers. In addition, Yanofsky also worked with the legendary Rod Temperton (“Thriller”, “Off The Wall”, “Boogie Nights”) on two of the album’s tracks before his passing in 2016 (RIP 🕊); one of which was “Turn Down The Sound” which Nikki chose to name the album after, in honour of Rod. 

Nikki Yanofsky is no stranger to creating powerful music, but as much as she may have enjoyed her past work, it is something completely different to create a piece of work that is unmistakably you. While speaking on the album, Niki shared that:

“This is the first album where I’ve written lyrics that speak to my life experiences, crafted melodies that don’t feel contrived, and am not just trying to please everyone around me.”

She continued that although this album is different than anything she’s done before, it’s the one that’s most “her”. 


“Hopefully, Turn Down The Sound will cut through a preconceived idea the public may have of what I should be creating, and replace that perception with something authentic and honest.” 



Anybody can tell you what they like to listen to or not listen to, but true fans find the enjoyment in listening to art that sounds inspired – and that’s what Turn Down The Sound is. As you’re listening through the project, you can feel the impact Nikki is having. Not only on the listeners, but on herself. Nikki has matured into her own artist, and the importance that her new music holds can be heard in her voice. 

She explores feelings of angst and loneliness, while also embracing the emotions that make her who she is. Instead of opting to limit herself through style or sound, Nikki embraces all the music that she loves throughout the 10 tracks. She embraces a new era of pop on the intro track “Loner”, “Forget”, and “High Note” all of which have a very grown energy, even if the production is light and fun. Likely inspired by the influence of Rod Temperton, Nikki also shines over the funky 80’s sound of the title track, “Nerve”, and “Black Sheep”, and even completely refreshes them with the modernness of her voice. Although we love the energy of the entire project, “Sunshine” and “Throwing Stones” are our favourite. The soulfulness of the R&B and jazz influences mesh perfectly with the accessibility of her pop experience, allowing for high energy ballads that are nothing short of impressive. 

Nikki has every right to be happy about the music that she is creating right now, which leads us to believe that more greatness is to come. Be sure to check out Turn Down The Sound available everywhere now and show Nikki some love. Tell her Sidedoor sent you!


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