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Haviah Mighty Reminds Us of Difficult Truths With Release of “Thirteen” Music Video



Haviah Mighty has is one of the most successful women artists out of the Toronto area, headlining shows across the United States and appearing on the legendary Shade 45 station to body the 5 fingers of death freestyle – impressing Sway and Heather just as much as fellow Brampton-native Tory Lanez had done in the years prior. 

Haviah Mighty stands what’s right and what’s important. She grew up in an artistic and empowering family, which translates into the music that she makes. In May of 2019, she released 13th Floor, one of the most intricate albums of the year. Themes of trauma, societal pressures, racial prejudice, progressions, self love, and more are scattered throughout the album’s 41-minute run time. The album sounds amazing and is a timeless work of art, heavily deserving of the Polaris Music Prize it won in 2019. 


The impact of the album has been felt over the course of the past year. It feels as though Haviah has been calculated in her approach, giving the world what they need, exactly when they need it. Although she has already dropped 5 great music videos, her most recent might be the most important. “Thirteen” dropped on Canada Day 2020; and much like the discussions of Canada Day celebrations, it is polarizing and necessary.  

The day Haviah learned about the 13th Amendment, she had become overwhelmed with information emotion, and pain, compelling her to write. She explained that this song was the first to make her feel like she was telling a nonfictional tale, instead of just sharing her thoughts and opinions. 

While listening to the record, you can hear the urgency in Haviah’s voice. This song is much more than incredible rapping over beautiful instrumentation – and it’s not just a history lesson, it’s a call for action. 

I hope when people watch Thirteen, they feel moved to do their part in reversing white supremacy. I hope we can begin to see one another as equal – a dream I’ve always hoped could one day be a reality. And I hope people realize that it’s going to take WORK! Who is willing to work, to make change?” – Haviah Mighty

“Thirteen” discusses the history of Black slavery and how its “abolishment” failed to deal with a broken prison system and systemic racism. Powerful illustrations, taken care of by Toronto artist Theo Kapodistrias, reflect the lyrics of the song and make for a statement that is uniquely it’s own.

Haviah has the courage to say and create what the world needs. Listen closely to the song below and understand that change is possible if we’re willing to work for it.


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