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Erez Zobary Is “Blue (For Now)”



Erez Zobary has one of the most unique singing voices in the city. It is soulful and poppy all at the same time. It makes sense once you learn that she grew up listening to Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse. 


Her latest release “Blue (For Now)” sounds like nothing we’ve heard out of Toronto. Erez spoke briefly about the inception of the song, citing that it is about feeling unhappy within a relationship and feeling relieved once it is over. She also stated that the song serves as a reminder that self-reflection during difficult moments can often make us stronger. It’s clear that she’s an artist for the people. 

“Blue (For Now)” is both electronic and acoustic, accentuating the dual themes that the song explores. Pop elements bring the production to life, but even in its final form, the song is stripped back enough to leave us excited to hear it performed live. Erez voice is perfect and sounds relieved as she sings about the emotions that caused her to write this song. 


A surprise solo just after the halfway point of the song reinforces the idea that Erez and her team (made up of Adam Eisen, David Lipson, Kaelin Murphy and Caleb Klager) are creating a sound that we didn’t know existed in our city. Based on what we know, we expect them to stay true to their sound and continue to explore this soulful, experimental, pop music – all while remaining relatable.

Listen to “Blue (For Now)”, on your preferred streaming platform and be sure to keep an eye out for more of their releases.  


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