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Melbourne Rapper Lakshane Drops “Reload”




Australian artists Lakshane released the single and video to his first track of 2020, “Reload”, last week. From jump, the song is high energy, catchy, and entrancing. It is more aggressive than anything he has released in the past, but still it sounds like he was meant for this sound. Lakshane more commonly releases bumping R&B inspired tracks, but he admitted that he was inspired to change his pace based on what was going on around him. Lakshane describes the song as an anthem for perseverance and motivation. He admits to giving out a lot of love and being taken advantage of because of it. In 2020, he hit “Reload” and is focused on attacking obstacles with a vengeance. 

Lakshane is a producer himself, but it was a collaborator and fellow Aussie, FRAAN, that took care of the production for this incredible song.  The menacing lead synth was all we needed to hear to know that we were going to be in for a treat. The beat absolutely slaps, and it only makes sense that the energy translated into Lakshane’s performance. In addition to the lyrical intricacies that you have to hear for yourself, Lakshane speaks on his team, his aspirations, as well as his execution. 

He’s taking aim (for the hills), and it’s only a matter of time till he gets there. 

Be sure to check out the song and video and let him know Sidedoor sent you. Hip hop is international, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  


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