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T. Thomason and Ria Mae Team Up For “Loser, Pt. 2” – An Anthem For Self Empowerment






This past week two Canadian hit-makers, T. Thomason and Ria Mae, teamed up to release “Loser, Pt. 2” a song that proactively counters the brash and sometimes arrogant music of our time. With “Loser, Pt. 2” the two offer a new take on the original “Loser”, which Thomason released first released in 2018. Even two years ago, Thomason new how important this song was, and as soon as Ria heard it, she knew she too wanted to focus on expressing the emotions and feelings that are far too often ignored by our society. With this song, they confronted our idea of a “Loser”, being just another one of us, nothing more and nothing less.

If done poorly, the vulnerability of this song could lean too far to the sad side of things, but instead, this song becomes an anthem for empowerment. The same way we sang along with Lil Uzi’s “XO Tour Lif3”, we can sing “I’m a loser”, because there is nothing wrong with being a “loser”.

The song builds the same way a hit pop song would, with crescendos and decrescendos that tug on our emotions before ultimately shocking us with deep drops. Rose Cousins, another fellow East-Coaster, recorded her vocals for the original song, but now she sings alongside Ria Mae. Both talented singers, with truly unique voices. With this song, the thoughts of many, are sang through the voice of them. The passion is effortless through the vocals and the energy of the production only adds to that.

Check out “Loser, Pt. 2” available now on all streaming platforms.




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