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Lemin. And Sean Leon Reminisce On The Past And Sound Like The Future On “When I Met You”



Lemin. Is a singer, songwriter, producer, that hails from London, Ontario, and now resides in Toronto. After a brief hiatus from stream-available releases, she has come back with heat


Lemin. Casually blends the sounds of hip-hop, electronic music, punk-rock, and folk into one succinct presence. “when I met you”, featuring one of the most talented artists out of Toronto, Sean Leon, briefly gives off Bon Iver vibes, before seamlessly and almost out of nowhere hitting listeners with some of the most lush bending 808’s ever. Lemin. Has seemingly solidified her sound and is now in a lane of her own in Toronto. We’ve never heard anyone from the city blur influences and genres like this together, maybe ever. 

Lemin.’s ability to cut through her vocal effects with her distinct sound and songwriting is incredibly impressive. What sound like they could be “accidental” vocal takes, end up flawlessly connecting with the words that follow. Her matter of fact, stream of consciousness type flow is reminiscent of artists like Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar and even Eminem. She is not boxed in by anything, even the beats that she produces. In fact, maybe it’s that comfortability that comes with knowing her music so well, that allows her vocals to stand out at a time in music where lyrics and vocals stay behind the instrumentation instead of on top of it.   

Sean Leon closes out the song with a mellow yet expressive and vulnerable verse that only adds to the dimensions and layers to the sound. He sounds incredible after the beat switch and juxtaposes the aggressiveness of it extremely well. 

Check out the video below and show love to both artists as much as you can! Let them know Sidedoor sent you. 


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