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Keffa Shows Off Range And Artistry In His Newest EP “Victimless Crimes”






Keffa, a singer-songwriter out of Toronto, born to Ethiopian parents, just released his latest EP, Victimless Crimes. Keffa utilizes the project to share his sonic range. Although he keeps thematically consistent through the topics of women, hardships, and aspiration, no two songs sound alike. Keffa has been releasing music since 2017 and has progressively showed out as an artist. He is consistent in determination to play with new “palettes”, often describing the sounds of his music through colours. In light of that, I may try to do the same. This project is often warm, but the distortion keeps it vibrant. The song sounds seem red, orange and yellow, but switch between faint versions of these colours into the most vibrant. In just 6 songs and 20 minutes, “Victimless Crimes” is an assortment of high energy production, juxtaposed by mundane and melancholic themes.

Songs like Twenty Four Days and Try Harder show how simplicity works in Keffa’s favour, simple high quality production sounds great under Keffa’s voice, but again the songs don’t sound anything like each other aside from simplicity in production. Keffa doesn’t take the easy way out though, on songs like  “Bethlehem”, “Rock You” and the title track “Victimless Crimes” he goes over much denser production, sounding more experimental than anything else. It’s impressive how Keffa is able to fip between easy to listen catchy tunes, into distorted and complex beats without leaving the listener behind.

The EP was executively produced by Multi-Platinum & GRAMMY award winners Ken Lewis and Brent Kolatalo, whom have worked with the likes of Taylor Swift and Kayne West. Keffa also worked with Ehcee, Jhyve, Matt Kahane, Quin Kiu, Brandon Leger, Josh McTyre (½ of Prince Innocence) & Jim Anderson.

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