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Canadian Rapper and YouTuber Dax Releases Music Video for ‘Joker’





Dax’s music video, “joker, shot by logan meis.


From famous YouTuber to successful rapper, Dax has always been a star. He has continuously remained an internet sensation whether he was filming a new diss video or working on a new rap song. His rap career took off once his music video for ‘Cash Me Outside’ went viral online. Since then, he has been dominating in the music industry, with his North American solo tour and his millions of fans.

This Los Angeles based rapper originally came from Ottawa. When he was younger, he moved to the United States to go to school and play college basketball. He began playing for Casper College before receiving a Division 1 basketball scholarship at the University of Montana. Then, he transferred to Newman University where he flourished in scoring. One day while going to a basketball game, he decided to write a poem. He wrote and wrote and eventually, this passion for poetry turned into music. For instance, his songs ‘Dear God’ and ‘She Cheated Again’ were initially poems, but now, they have become two of his major hit singles.

These singles, along with his millions of views on YouTube, catapulted his career as an independent hip hop artist. Now, he has released a new music video for his latest track ‘Joker’, which highlights the effects of cyberbullying. He hopes to send a message to his fans about the damage it can have on a person. His music video released last night and has already amassed over a million views. DC Comics better watch out because there is a new Joker in town.


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