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Makk Mikkael Takes Us On A Trip With “Fear”




Makk Mikkael is a young singer-songwriter that has a passion for music that cannot be contained. She found her love for music after an impromptu performance with her mother at a local bar. Since then, she has followed her music to wherever it led her. Her sonic influence came mostly from the nature and mountains that she was surrounded by as a child, but as part of her development as an artist, she has also spent time in Toronto, Montreal, and Los Angeles, all of which play a part in her music today. 

Makk Mikkael’s latest release, “Fear”, is spacey and feels abstract in nature. She could be writing about herself, or writing about a character, but either way there is a level of vulnerability and introspection that is juxtaposed well by the scattered vocal effects and synths. The song is almost a full three minutes; however, it just flies by, partially due to the driving rhythm but also because of her sound. The song creates a trip-like experience that makes you want to keep hitting play. The track is catchy and produced well – the minimalistic downtempo feel is consistent with Makk’s unique sound. 

It is unclear if Makk Mikkael also took care of production on this track, however, we do know that she has been learning Logic, meaning that she will soon be a self-sufficient artist, free to create wherever and whenever she pleases. We’re excited to hear more from her, and I hope you are too. 

Check out “Fear” on all platforms now!


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