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Ambi Struggles To Get Away With “All The Same”




Ambi, a home-grown resident to the westside of Toronto, began releasing music in 2015 under a different alias after being persuaded to do so by a friend. After experimenting with the alias “Ambidextrous” and releasing several projects, Ambi shortened his name to his current alias, and returned to release ILL ADVISED. The project is a ride of emotions and sounds, but illustrative of what Ambi stands for and wants to create as an artist. The project is a story of being misguided, and it is told from a gangster, but conscious, voice. 

Ambi is gearing up to release a new project and has already released multiple singles after the release of his last album. After taking some time off between releases, Ambi has come back with the experimental sounds of “All the Same”, an R&B inspired track with an infectious hook sang by KVE. The song is intimate and raw, with Ambi sounding like he’s talking directly to us, void of overproduction as he raps “I’ve been dealing with the pain, I want to get away”. 

A mid-song interlude delves deeper into the meaning of these words, with a female character who claims to be the song’s muse, asking what he’s really trying to get away from. 

The track is conceptual, dope and also extremely catchy. Be sure to check it out and expect to hear more from Ambi!  


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