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European Artist Carlxabel Channels Toronto Influences On “Passionate”



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It’s hard to discredit the Toronto sound when it clearly shapes the sound of up and coming artists in the local scene, but as of late, we have been introduced to its effect on the rest of the world. Carlxabel is one of those artists. He and his team, based in Northern Europe reached out to Sidedoor with nothing but praise for what the Toronto scene has become – with Carlxabel citing The Weeknd, Anders, and Majid Jordan as direct influences. Today we’re helping break Carlxabel’s latest single, “Passionate”, a dark, moody, dense track that has “hit” written all over it. 


After experimenting with his sound over the past year, Carlaxbel found his bag. With “Passionate”, he is ready to share that sound with the world. As much as there is inspiration from Toronto and North American R&B, the European artist was able to utilize a style of his own. Although, he we were taken aback by how smoothly he was able to switch between falsetto hooks and emotive verses, what we were most captured by was the tasteful overproduction of what might have otherwise been a saturated sound. We were captured by the intricacies of the track as soon as we hit play, and were nothing less impressed throughout. Carlxabel not only impacted the sonics through his vocal performance, but also through his co-production alongside Kevin Okyere, another talent to be on the look out for. 

The execution of the track is undeniable. The production is complex but mixed so well that the nuances only elevate our feelings for the song. Carlaxbel and his team are sure to make an impact on their market, and we’re glad to be helping them, even from over here. Good music travels. 

Check out the song on streaming platforms now and be on the lookout for the music video to drop in a few weeks!


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